The Making of Nebraska Brown Blog Tour

I’m so thrilled to be part of Louise Caiola’s blog tour for her new book  The Making of Nebraska Brown that released in February.  It is one of my favorite reads of the year and I can’t wait to tell you how much I loved this book! Also, you can enter the contest at the […]

Review : Circus of Lost Souls by Riley J.Ford and Rebecca Hamilton

BLURB :  Cirque du Lune is killing off teenagers, but it’s all part of the act. Or is it? As the body count rises with each performance, one girl at this renowned theater-based summer camp finds herself contemplating what’s real and what’s not. What if it’s not just a horror show, but a live snuff performance perpetrated by real-life, […]

Rebecca Hamilton’s Top Five Favorite Book to Film Adaptations

Hello all! Rebecca Hamilton here! I’m stopping by as part of my tour to celebrate the German release of The Forever Girl! You can learn more about that and all the cool stuff planned for this month by hopping over to my BLOG. When it comes to Book-to-Film adaptions, the big screen doesn’t always get it […]

Cover Reveal : Li5t of Five by J. Scott Sharp

Book Blurb  Young teen Richie Lyons is having an uneventful summer, playing games with his friends. He even has a birthday on the way. However, his uneventful life is shattered when he wakes up, on the morning of his thirteenth  birthday, with a list of names pounding through his brain. A list that contains the […]

Review : Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

      Ever came across some books that keep you haunted for days? Maybe some come across such every once in a while, while for some it takes the rarest of the rare events. I came across this book when my kindred sister Jess whom I met through twitter last year recommended me this […]

Character Interview – Ian Keane from Sacrifice

Hello everyone, thank you for joining us.  Today, I have the pleasure of dropping by at Ian Keane’s, one of the characters from Jessica Fortunato’s new book Sacrifice.  Did I mention how we met? A very good friend of mine in Dublin let me of this awesome antique shop and the owner happens to be […]

Cover Reveal : Sacrifice by Jessica Fortunato

Sacrifice is the second book in The Sin Collector Trilogy by author Jessica Fortunato.  Also from Fortunato is The Sin Collector, The Sin Collector: Thomas, Steam and the short story Banished which can be found in the Nocturnal Embers Anthology.  She lives in Pittsburgh PA with her family, a clumsy black cat, and year round Halloween decorations. You can find […]

Cover Reveal : I AM FOREVER by Wynne Channing

Introducing ‘I Am Forever’, the highly anticipated sequel to What Kills Me. Check out the teaser sypnopsis for the second book which is due out  in Winter 2013 The prophecy said a girl would kill them all. Against an army of vampires, Axelia fought back and survived. Once fated as the destroyer of the vampire race, […]

A taste of Korea in India

I’m back after a long hiatus, I guess. 🙂 I FINALLY re-installed my internet connection and it is to stay for quite a while,I think. Life sure sucks when you lose your internet priviledges. During this time I couldn’t actually find a term for my ‘no-internet’ condition. Then I remembered my archaeology professor who calls […]