Rebecca Hamilton’s Top Five Favorite Book to Film Adaptations

Hello all! Rebecca Hamilton here! I’m stopping by as part of my tour to celebrate the German release of The Forever Girl! You can learn more about that and all the cool stuff planned for this month by hopping over to my BLOG.

When it comes to Book-to-Film adaptions, the big screen doesn’t always get it right. How often have you thought, “It doesn’t do the book justice”? Some movies, however, do—or at least come close. Naturally, that’s all subjective, but I’ve spent some time thinking of the top five that do for me.

#5. The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games



I actually saw the movie before reading the book, and the movie is one of the reasons I chose to read the book. The driving force? The movie captured the emotion and characterization so well that I figured the book itself must have been packed with it. How can I turn that down? It seems fans who read the book first were equally pleased! There is a definite joy in seeing one of your favorite books come to life on the big screen. It’s disappointing when it falls flat (as it often does) but that was not the case here.

#4. Twilight






Next on my list is the epic TWILIGHT SERIES. I found this movie to be well-cast. Even those who hated Bella’s character in the novel seemed to hate Stewart’s role in the movie for the same reasons. And, by the same token, those who loved Bella loved Stewart in the role. Same goes for ALL the characters. Whether you loved them or hated them, loved the book or hated it, the fact is these movies lived up to their book’s counterparts.

#3 . Carrie




   A story that starts with a religious nutcase mother?A girl, an outcast, with witchy powers? All right, you got me, I’m THERE. This is one of my all-time favorite paranormal horror stories. It’s sad to think it was almost thrown away with dinner scraps! It’s iconic! I quite enjoyed the recent remake of this novel as well. (I suppose everyone has their favorite, though, and there are things about the original film that I missed in the remake). Still, the book to film was well done, and so was the remake. It’s one of those stories that would be hard to do wrong, because it’s just so damn good, and for the same reason, it’s also hard to do the story justice. Check this one out when you can.

#2. Girl, Interrupted


Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted



I saw this one on my birthday. I don’t remember which birthday, but I remember seeing it, possibly because it’s such a great movie, but also possibly because for some reason my mom really didn’t want me to go to the movies that night, even if someone else was paying for it. But, nonetheless, I managed to go. I don’t think I so much as blinked. Just thinking about it makes me want to see the movie again. And read the book. So, truth is, I didn’t know this was a book first! So perhaps I can’t fairly say it was a great adaption. But it was SO good that I can imagine it only either did the book justice or outshined the book. I guess I will have to read the book to see for sure!

#1. Queen of the Damned


Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned



And finally, my absolute FAVORITE! Combining two of Anne Rice’s famous novels to make one KILLER movie! I could watch this one again and again. Heck, even the sound track kicks ass. This is, for sure, my favorite on the list. (Had to save the best for last!) If you haven’t seen the movie or read the books, make sure you have done both! Put it on your bucket list if you must! I highly recommend this one. I actually feel like this film was ahead of its time. Not just in material, but in execution as well. The story really came to life on the screen; the acting was exquisite. It is classic and sexy and dark and brooding and just everything you love about a good vampire tale.

Want to find out more about Rebecca and her books?  Find out all on her website! 🙂


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