Review : Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher




Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why

Ever came across some books that keep you haunted for days? Maybe some come across such every once in a while, while for some it takes the rarest of the rare events. I came across this book when my kindred sister Jess whom I met through twitter last year recommended me this book.  And believe me, life have never been the same. This is one beautiful book that I would call a “must-read”.

The book is heart-wrenching and life-changing. It makes us understand the true meaning of the age old saying “think before you act or speak”. We might not realize the impact our tiniest bit of actions can have in the life of others, but am sure reading this book many readers would think more than twice before doing anything. It brings in a desire to change for the better. Many a times we hurt people in our lives unknowingly/unintentionally , yes some do it intentionally too.

I could relate a lot to Hannah, in many ways. She had a tough life.. her’s was tougher. I was in a boarding school most of my school life and had quite a hard time. All the grown ups (parental figures for example) take it as a a phase of growing up. Rumors in High School (or anywhere likewise) can be devastating. And it gets worse when you don’t have even a single friend to go to, a shoulder to cry on , a warm voice to say “everything is gonna be fine”. I didn’t have any too, and the only ones I could think of were the very  ones mocking me. And I could not tell about it to my parents , having your child away from you is one thing and knowing that they are sad and broken inside is another. I did try to tell my dad but it didn’t help since mom cries on my every letter of me begging to change my school, me complaining of my childhood friends giving me a tough time- a mental breakdown. So my only hope dashed too. Yes, at times I had thoughts of ending my life but when images of my parents, relatives – to whom I mattered as they loved me as much as I did to them- start floating on my head, the idea don’t win at all. But am so grateful that I had writing, reading, drawing and music to my rescue – they were my savior and only friends – back in those days.

All I want to say  is a big ‘Thank You’ to the author and how grateful I am for the book. May it help and be a support to all the Hannahs in the world and also bring a sense of realization to others like Justin,Bryce,Mr.Potter,etc . It can help in reducing teen suicides. Teens across the world are going through the same, and not just teens but grown adults at work place, too. There are countless Hannahs, Clays, Bryces, Justins , Jessicas … each has to be reached.

This book changed my life and would change that of many others. I currently can’t wait to give the book to many people I know who read .


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