Character Interview – Ian Keane from Sacrifice

Hello everyone, thank you for joining us.  Today, I have the pleasure of dropping by at Ian Keane’s, one of the characters from Jessica Fortunato’s new book Sacrifice.  Did I mention how we met? A very good friend of mine in Dublin let me of this awesome antique shop and the owner happens to be Ian. Greetings Ian, thank you for joining me on my blog.

As a huge fan of the series, this is an honor for me, personally.

*Ian gets us  some tea and we sit for the interview*

Ian : Thank you for stopping by me shop.  I’ve never been interviewed before, I hope I don’t disappoint you.

1. My first question is  a little bit of a warm up. Please allow my friends to know more about yourself

Ian : My name is Ian Keane.  I’m roundabouts 84 years old. I have lived in Dublin my whole life. I am a Mystic  I have a knack for pickin’ up on the thoughts of others.  I also have the ability to be seein’ flashes of the future and the past.  Though my sight has failed me a number of times in life, especially considerin’ my own future, but that is a story for another day.

2. When was the first time you realized that “things tell you things”?

Ian : From a young age I would pick up on things my parents were thinkin’. This caused a bit of strife within my family.  My Pops didn’t want his son knowing he fancied the lass down on Werburgh Street.  It bothered my Ma when I could recognize her sadness.  The first time me powers really came through, I was ten and Abigail Moore’s bright red bike went missin’.  I could see her older brother Murphy had hidden it in his friend’s garage clear as day in me head.  Although I didn’t find out for many years that my “gifts” made me a Mystic, I’d always just been considered lucky, or a good guesser.

3. Tell us something about your association to Collectors.

Ian : They’d come into my Pops shop for years.  When I was thirteen I finally asked my Pops why these strangers never looked any different. Nary a wrinkle or grey hair was ever seen.  He explained me then who they were, and what they did.  We often purchased their antiques and above all kept their secret.  Collector’s have been nothin’ but good to me and mine.  They attended to both me parents when they passed, and it was a Collector who finally revealed the origins of my visions.  There are many Collectors I consider kin.

4. *Looks around the shop* I see you do have some rather fascinating things in your shop. With someone like with a huge interest in antiques, can you tell me about some of your favorites at the shop? Maybe, I could end up buying one of these many beauties you have.

Ian : I am not a man who gets too attached to material objects.  However, I do enjoy the times I receive rare first editions of novels.  One of me favorite antiques was an engagement ring a young woman had brought to the shop to pawn.  I could tell she needed the money and selling the ring was tearin’ her poor heart in two.  When I held the ring, I was overcome by the joy that echoed in its very touch.  I ended up paying her $900 dollars and givin’ her the ring back.  My Pops whipped my behind good for that one.

5. What are your opinions on the Collectors? What or how do you see them as?

Ian : That is a difficult question to answer.  I believe they are mostly good, such as humans are.  You will always have a human or Collector who can be bought or won.  You can always find a human or Collector with kindness and love.  Collectors are not unlike humans in many ways.  They are trying to live as fully as we are.  Immortality may seem like a gift, but often I think Collector’s have gotten the short end of the stick.  If you’re going to live forever, there is all the more pressure to live well and wholly.

*The bell rings as the door to the shop opens.  A tall man enters accompanied by a lovely woman with bright violet hair*

Ian : I’m sorry now you must excuse me, I have business to attend to.  Thank you for stopping by, may the road rise to meet you lass. Goodbye then.



As an immortal Sin Collector, Liliana lead a transient life of solitude for over one-hundred years.

Now with a growing family, she has found herself liking normalcy and the façade of being human.  However, when old friends begin to turn up dead, it is clear Collectors are not safe.  The battle that Liliana thought she’d won, has only just begun.

She must save herself, her family, and her friends from the Castus, a fanatical group sworn to eradicate her kind.

As Liliana travels the globe making allies, and discovering secrets, she soon learns that the threat to her safety is closer than she ever thought possible.

Will she be able to fight her fate, or will she succumb to an ancient Castus prophecy?

Sacrifice is the latest book in The Sin Collector Trilogy. You can order it on Amazon or find out more by visiting these links.


Also, August 30th-September 3rd You can pick up the novella in The Sin Collector Series, Thomas, FREE!!


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