Cover Reveal : Li5t of Five by J. Scott Sharp

Book Blurb  Young teen Richie Lyons is having an uneventful summer, playing games with his friends. He even has a birthday on the way. However, his uneventful life is shattered when he wakes up, on the morning of his thirteenth  birthday, with a list of names pounding through his brain. A list that contains the […]

Review : Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

      Ever came across some books that keep you haunted for days? Maybe some come across such every once in a while, while for some it takes the rarest of the rare events. I came across this book when my kindred sister Jess whom I met through twitter last year recommended me this […]

Character Interview – Ian Keane from Sacrifice

Hello everyone, thank you for joining us.  Today, I have the pleasure of dropping by at Ian Keane’s, one of the characters from Jessica Fortunato’s new book Sacrifice.  Did I mention how we met? A very good friend of mine in Dublin let me of this awesome antique shop and the owner happens to be […]