The Adventure Begins……

So, it seems that I finally did start a book blog, though not a book blog to be exact, but a blog that would have reviews of books I read, and some random ramblings of my mind. I named it ‘Adventures of a Wandering Mind’ as I believe that it is those adventures/wanderings that help one create/build fantasies that at times turn to great stories and books. As everyone knows, the  mind is always restless, the ever so wandering mind… the monkey mind,always up for a chatter. Yes, even on its own. Don’t believe me? Well, try holding your mind without any thoughts just for a minute or two. Sounds like a piece of cake, right ? But you’re wrong, you find yourself thinking of many things, things that happened today, yesterday, or gonna happen in the near future or just some build up fantasies of the mind. So, that’s why I named it so. I would love to take you on my adventures through this blog….. and I hope you bear with me if I end up doing things that may sound stupid to you. AND the adventure begins! 


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